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Version francaise Versiunea româneasca

Blue bunch of flowers with a jonquil

Orange bunch of flowers with a framed painting in the background

Red bunch of flowers

Branch of peach tree

Yellow chrysanthemums with a red pear

Orange chrysanthemums


Dahlias and paintbrushes in two Romanian vases

Jessamine tobacco and red zinnia

Red flowers and margarets in a Romanian vase

Flowers in a green vase (Chrysanthemums)

Yellow flowers

Red gladioli

Purple and White Field Flowers

Red and white carnations

French Marigolds

Carnations in brown vase (draft)


Anemone in a blue vase


White and red chrysanthemums in a blue vase with a handle

Sunflowers  (recto1)

White and red flowers on dark background  (recto2)


Orange Flowers in a blue cup

Sunflowers in a blue vase


Red zinnias

Still Life with vegetables


Still life with a watermelon


Still life with apples and books

Still Life with a plastic sack

Nude study

Study (1907)


Bistrița Landscape

Sadoveanu House

Baragan landscape

Cart team climbing the hill

Man with his horse

Oriental Corner in Babadag

Old Iasi Corner

Paris, La Conciergerie

Old inn of Iasi (site of the market)

Rowboat on the Danube


Paris, the Eiffel tower

Children in a suburb

Ghelari Church in the mist

Golia Monastery

Iasi Landscape under the Snow with Church Golia

Heracleea citadel

Winter in Iasi

Winter in Bucarest (Titan aerea)

Wintertime in Bucharest (dusk between the buildings)

House after the war

Winter - Underwear hanging on a clothline

House amidst flowers

White house with stairs and flowers

Danube delta landscape

Night landscape

Monastery in the mountains

Wood cutter

Bistritsa Citadel Enclosure

Scheia Village

Chambourcy Landscape?

The Courtyard of former pension

Monk bringing water from the well

Country gate

Mogoșoaia Palace's Door

The old post office of Strunga

First Snow at Nemtisor

Blue country house with a blacony seen from outside the fence (=

Horse grazing near the wagon

Sentinel in post


Decay (near Terracina?) (=

Workers leaving the factory

Young shepherd at the cow field

Orchard at the back of a church with two bell towers

Old Willows

Village in the valley

Zamca by late afternoon

Zamca monastery under moonlight

Zamca Monastery at dawn

Zamca Monastery in the afternoon

The apprentice

The Fotographer Ion Matei Agapi

Collector Hortensiu Aldea

Rodovica Boldijer, the Woman who inspired Rebreanu's character

Old Androne

Antonina (20 years old)

Antonina looking down

Child (Antonina)



Self-portrait at the easel

Self-portrait with beret

Alfredo Bianchi

Portrait of a man with a white shirt and a red tie

Emanoil Bardasare

Young girl in traditional costume


The painter Dan Hatmanu - Study

Writer Grigore Ilisei


The Artist's mother

Portrait - Ant Sofia

The Artist's mother

Lucretia Juncu


The Collector Mihai Luchian

Mrs Alexandrina Luchian

Female worker

The poet George Lesnea

Portrait of an old man

Blue Portrait

Student of the Fine-Arts with white pullover (Irina)

Sanda student

Sanda in nightdress

Mrs Ecaterina Ilisei