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Version francaise Versiunea româneasca

Flowers - Calla lilies and a zinnia


Chrysanthemums with two apples and a newspaper

Meadow flowers

Dark toned flowers in black vase

Flowers - cold harmony

Yellow Margarets

Daisies in a Romanian vase

Yellow carnations in a green jug

Pot Marigold

Sunflowers - draft

Still life with a bottle



Still life with she-wolf

Ion's Hotplates in a country house (L. Rebreanu museum in Prislop)


Walking (Lane in Bucium)


Old Anastasie Panu Street (with Barboi Church in the background), Iasi

Willow under the snow

Autumnal wood

Amidst Bucium vignards

Solitary Tree


Autumn at Bucium

Autumn in the parc

Traditional country house

Bench in a parc

Gipsy Shack in Iasi

Boats on the beach

Sheepfold at Repedea at sunset

The 'lipovean' church

Amongst the buildings of Iasi

House in a vineyard (brigade post #1 Bucium)

Petrol wells in Câmpina

Cernica Monastery, near Bucharest

Walk toward Cernica monastery

Cernica Lake

Weeds along Cernica Lake

Cetatuia Monastery (Iasi)

Sanda and Antonina at Nemtisor

Blue house with thatched roof

Red character on a lane boarding gardens

Landscape with a horse

White horses in the meadows

Hill landscape near Iasi

Lake Como

Copou gardens

Industrial Landscape - CUG factory in Iasi

Chess players

The Curelari church and street

Twilight at Bucium

The fence surrounding the Vovidenia monastery

Sheds among the greenery

Winter - House among fir trees (Bârnova sanatorium?)

Bârnova hospital

Pulling the sledge uphill in the blizzard

Landscape of a Bucarest suburb

Painter Octav Bancila's House

Little house of Barnova

House in Taratsa

Country house from Siliștea-Snagov, close view

Country house in Siliștea-Snagov as seen from the fence

House in Siliștea - Snagov, front view

Hlincea Landscape

Windmill in Tatarasi district (Iasi)

Landscape at Ciric - green harmony

Neamts Monastery

In the doorway of Neamt monastery

Scene of Everyday life at the Neamts monastery

Winter - At the edge of the forest

Harsh winter

The parental house in Nemtisor

Wasteland behind the Iasi House of Culture


House amidst gardens - Bucium

Abrud Landscape

Poplar trees at Bucium

Little tree

Pear tree

Pig in the courtyard at Nemtisor

The War's aftermath

Doorway of Golia church

Back door of the Neamts monastery

Autumn in Bucium

Balance Well

A Balance Well - green harmony

Ravens on a balance well

Campina refinery

Râsnov citadel

Visitors at Râsnov citadel

The Ruins of Old Rodna Citadel

Stationary wagon

Horse and wagon at a trot

Street view in Abrud

Brasov Lane

Street of Brasov

Grounds of the Agapia monastery

Middle-ages walls

Ruin of the suburb

Sanda in the Ciric forest

Abrud Region Village

Willows on a river bank

Saint Haralambie Church in Iasi

House of the Tarâta hermitage, near Iasi

Willows in a storm

The tower of the Galata monastery

NeamČ› Monastery Tower

The Church of Turdas

Factory at sunset

Venice - Santa Maria della Salute


Italian villas

Srarie Street

Vovidenia hermitage

Antonina while drawing

Antonina, the artist's daughter

Antonina at 4 years old

Selfportrait at 73

The painter Bousca

The Poet Mihai Codreanu

The Poet Mihai Codreanu (profile)

Portrait of the composer Constantin Baciu

Liviu student

Liviu student

Dr. Hortolomei

Student (Kovalski)

Collector Petru Lutsuc



Mariana sewing

Mariana knitting

Mrs Aldea

Mrs Zarzarescu

Girl Portrait - Popovici

Model dressed in red

Old Pavel

Farmer squatted

Old Pavel sewing

Sanda, draft

Sanda while reading

Sanda knitting - draft

Sanda, portrait - draft